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Sadie Says / Soniks from Planet NoNoyz

Monday, June 06, 2005  Terry

A toy only you can hear?
Happy Dog Toys - Soniks, from Planet NoNoyz: "This slow, silent and lovable head of the spaceship may not be the smartest alien in the galaxy but he is the most loyal and endearing member of the Sonik family. Sub spends most of his time enjoying No-Crunch Potato Chips and watching galactic golf on television. The only thing that gets him going is playtime with a plush-loving canine -- he can silently squeak all day long!"
You are not sure the purpose or wisdom of such a toy. If you had just a toy, you would likely squeak it, as the ad text says, "all day long." Eventually you would assume that your people had gone deaf, as they would likely not notice the squeak and would therefore not give in to your request to play. There is nothing worse than assuming your people have a disability that they do not have. Though, you suppose, having a toy that only you could hear would indeed qualify your people for some sort of a disability. Is it possible that they actually wouldn't be able to hear it? Maybe they actually would be able to hear it, they would just be able to ignore it? So very odd. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , ,

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